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How to Prepare for a Kitten

Since our Edgewater, NJ apartments are pet-friendly, we get to see tons of furry friends come and go all the time. Many of our residents move into our community because they already have a pet, but some people choose us because they have plans to get a pet after they move in. Of course, cats…

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Gym Etiquette Tips for Apartment Living

More and more apartments in Edgewater are in communities with first-class gyms and fitness centers. In fact, this is one of the perks of apartment living, because it means you don’t have to have a costly gym membership. Yet if you’re going to use the community gym facilities, you’ll want to make sure that you…

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Tips for Finding a Good Roommate

Living with a roommate in your Edgewater, NJ apartment has some big benefits. There is the obvious financial benefit of having someone to split all your housing and related benefits with, but that's not all. Roommates can also provide needed companionship, add a sense of security, and can make apartment living just a bit more convenient as…

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