3 Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas

If you're looking for apartments in Edgewater, NJ, the Infinity apartments boast a beautiful, modern lifestyle for all of your needs. Conveniently located, our apartments provide residents with comfortable surroundings and easy access to some of the finest restaurants, shopping and attractions that Edgewater has to offer.  If you're looking for an apartment in the Edgewater area, you…

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3 Cool Treats to Make for Your Pup This Summer

If you live in our Edgewater apartments, your dog almost certainly loves summer. In fact, if they could, they’d almost certainly have a calendar by their bed to count down the days until they can get outside and play. To make summer even that much more rewarding for your best friend, it’s time to make them…

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How to Set Aside Early Morning Power-Up Time

Most of us use stress to wake ourselves and get going to work. We deplete our energy just to start the day. As urban dwellers, we’re used to adapting to the unnatural, so it works. It’s possible to start each day with ever-increasing energy that flows through the hours at work. Here’s the program: Make…

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Living in our Edgewater apartments gives you the flexibility to enjoy an urban setting. The challenge is keeping up with a healthy diet plan. When you don’t have time to cook a traditional meal, you can still eat a healthy diet. Fish takes only a few minutes to cook and offers health benefits. PREPARE YOUR…

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