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How to Properly Care for Brazilian Tigerwood Flooring

Here at Infinity Apartments in Edgewater, New Jersey, the living spaces within each spacious floor plan feature beautiful Brazilian tigerwood flooring. Also known as Brazilian koa or zebrawood, the way to properly care for this wood flooring is as unique as its distinctive appearance. Here are some tips for daily care, maintenance and routine cleanings. Quick…

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Tips for Finding a Good Roommate

Living with a roommate in your Edgewater, NJ apartment has some big benefits. There is the obvious financial benefit of having someone to split all your housing and related benefits with, but that's not all. Roommates can also provide needed companionship, add a sense of security, and can make apartment living just a bit more convenient as…

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Carving Out Creative Kid Zones in Your Apt

When you look around your apartment, does it look like one big play zone? Ready to carve out space for the other people living in your Edgewater, NJ, apartment? Follow these simple steps to organize your child's belongings into a single play area, and put the fun back in playtime. Declutter and Stay Organized Spring is a great time to…

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