Worried About Flu Season? Make a Sick Kit

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After the holiday season invariably comes the winter sickness season. Every year, from January to March, the rate of illnesses rises as more and more people come down with things such as the flu and the common cold. And too often, it can come fast, without warning, leaving you unable, or at the very least unwilling, to leave your Infinity Edgewater apartment. The problem is while you may be able to call in sick, calling in last-minute medication, food and other items isn't so easy. There is an easy solution though, and that solution is putting together a sick kit.

Making a sick kit for those days you can't leave the apartment

With a complete sick kit stocked and ready in your apartment, you won't have to worry about donning your shoes and jacket next time you wake up with a bad bout of food poisoning or full-on stomach flu. The key, however, to making a comprehensive sick kit is to get medicines and go beyond to include other special delights that will make your time stuck in bed on or the couch much more enjoyable. Get started with these essentials:

  • Medicine. First thing first, you should plan for a comprehensive medicine package. Have at least a three-day supply of:
    • Day and night cold medicine.
    • Antihistamines.
    • Decongestants.
    • Cough medicines.
    • General pain relievers (Tylenol preferred for fevers).
    • Sore throat spray.
    • Pepto-Bismol.
  • Comfort items. Tissues and a solid handkerchief are clear essentials, but consider also packing a heating pad, a clean toothbrush and, for women, extra feminine sanitary products..
  • Solid snack foods. For some ailments, calling in a local pizza or Chinese order might be the preferred option, but for others, you'll likely want to stick with bland, plain foods. Saltine crackers, chicken soup, applesauce and rice dishes are all choices of foods that'll tempt you even when you feel at your worst. 
  • Drinks. An oral electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte is an ideal addition to a sick kit, as it can quickly put your body back on the mend. Consider also adding a couple of cans of ginger ale and herbal tea packets.

Now, next time you're sick, relax and enjoy Netflix

With your sick kit in hand, you can take it easy next time you're feeling under the weather. Just pop it open, grab what you need, and enjoy the safety and serenity of your Infinity Edgewater apartment. And if you don't yet have a residence here, then contact us today about getting one. 

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