Running Your Home From Your Smartphone at Home or On the Go

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Is There Smart Home Technology for Your Apartment?

You've probably heard of the growing demand for "smart home" technology and wondered if any of it was available for apartments, too. Of course, it is! Wireless communications bring access to smart home features to your place without any handyman work. There are home security systems that you can set up in minutes using wireless technology, and a new generation of wireless gadgets for your home are ready for you to explore.

Make It Practical or Make It Fun, and Use Your Smartphone to Run It

If you’re investing in smart home technology for your apartment, there’s no reason that you can’t make full use of it remotely. You can access video cameras and displays, motion detection, temperature monitoring and customizable lighting. Heading home? Activate and control your robotic vacuum cleaner to prepare for guests. You can use your smartphone to stay connected with your home and all its smart technology.

Control and Monitoring From Your Easy Chair or En Route in the Air

With your smartphone connected to the internet, your alarm system can reach out to you with items of concern or just to give you peace of mind. A camera focused on your pet's favorite spot can let you check in, and some new products let you say hello, too! If you have a petsitter, plant waterer or other person checking in while you're away, you can make sure that everything is being taken care of on schedule. Of course, advanced devices for both those tasks are available for wireless use, too. If you're relaxing in the living room, you can say hi to your pet in the bedroom, start dinner in a Wi-Fi-connected cooker or adjust the lighting and sound to your liking.

Stay Connected to Your Home

Smart home technology connects you with where you live. With app-linked smart gadgets, you can keep an eye on things when you're away from our apartments in Edgewater or just use your wireless camera system to get a glimpse of your favorite place to be. Give us a call to find out why our community is the place you've been dreaming of.

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