Tips for Finding a Good Roommate

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Living with a roommate in your Edgewater, NJ apartment has some big benefits. There is the obvious financial benefit of having someone to split all your housing and related benefits with, but that's not all. Roommates can also provide needed companionship, add a sense of security, and can make apartment living just a bit more convenient as you'll have someone to help out with watching the pets, plants, and mail while you're away.

But getting the best experiences out of a shared living situation requires first finding a good, reliable roommate. The following are some tips for how to do so:

Tips for Finding a Good Roommate

  • Go beyond your good friends. It may seem odd, but often great friends make bad roommates and moving in with a good friend can soon spell the end of the friendship. Therefore, it's often wise to keep your friends separate from your roommates and search instead outside of your immediate social circle. That said, it is a good idea to ask your friends and family members if they have anyone they can recommend. Online classifieds and social media can also offer up some good candidates.
  • Have several candidates and do multiple interviews. Don't pick the first person you meet as a roommate. Instead, meet with several potential roommates and do so more than once. Remember, you are picking someone to live with and so you want to get a good idea of who they are before moving in. Multiple conversations will help you better to get the idea of a person and allow you to better assess whether they have any red flags. 
  • Be upfront about costs and have everything in writing. If good fences make good neighbors, then good, open contracts make good roommates. It is important to be upfront about all costs and be open about future situations. For example, if you have cable and internet bills you want split, make sure each of you is aware of what those costs are and what they may be after the current media contract expires. Also, talk about future situations, such as if one of you has a significant other now or in the future, will you alter the utility and housing costs to account for their use of the apartment? 

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