The Messy Roommate’s Guide to Conquering Clutter

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messySome of us are messy roommates. It’s ok to admit it. If you find that apartments in Edgewater are always littered with too much stuff, you might need a little help. Conquering clutter can feel tough, but a few small changes can make a huge difference.


This might feel like some of the weirdest advice you’ve heard, but there’s a method to the madness. Clutter accumulates on open spaces. It starts on tabletops and countertops and eventually moves to couches, chairs and the floor. Centerpiece decorations on the counters and tables kill that first step. Sure, you can still get some clutter, but eating up that surface with a decoration makes it mentally harder to choose those surfaces to begin the clutter spiral.

There are two tricks to making this work. First, it needs to be easy to move the decorations. Sometimes, you’ll need that space for eating, cooking or working. Second, you need to back this trick up with the next two.

Get More Creative With Storage

This is vital to apartment living. A lot of clutter emerges when things don’t have a home. Creative storage dramatically increases your ability to put things away. That’s how you win the initial clutter battle.

Here a few storage tips to get you started. Invest in multi-function furniture. A couch that opens up to store blankets and pillows is amazing. You can also find more storage space by pulling furniture away from the walls and sticking small bins behind it. Lastly, expand that vertical storage. Get floor-to-ceiling shelves. Hang the pots and pans. Surely, you’ve seen tons of tips on this topic.

Change the Habit

This is the hardest and most powerful part of winning the clutter war, and it’s entirely psychological. Every time you notice clutter, you make a decision. You either deal with it or ignore it. So many times, choosing to deal with clutter starts with a sigh or a grumble. Here’s the crazy part. That’s actually a good thing.

When you begrudgingly tackle clutter, you start with the bad mood, but by the time you’re done, you actually feel a little better. There’s a lot happening, but the gist is that clearing clutter doesn’t actually require much effort. Overcoming your desire not to do it is actually the hard part. Once the clutter is gone, you have that small sense of accomplishment and the slightly improved mentality that comes with it.

In short, the trick to changing the habit is to embrace the grudge. Grumble away. That frustration can be your fuel to make the change. It’s also the signal to remind you about the change your making. Embracing the grudge is the real key.

There’s a final thing that helps with clutter: having more space. Call the offices of Infinity to schedule a tour. You might find a floor plan that is better suited to your life and gives you a jump start on defeating the clutter monster.

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