How to Choose a Kitchen Mop

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mopIt’s enjoyable to keep your beautiful apartments in Edgewater, NJ, clean when you have the right kitchen mop. Did you know that there are important differences in kitchen mops? Which one you use is a matter of personal preference, as long as you choose one that is sturdy and durable. 

Sponge Mop

The sponge mop is one that you’ve probably seen in different stores. This kind of kitchen mop is easily recognized by its replaceable sponge. The handle may be straight or ergonomically curved, but there is usually a lever that you can pull to wring out the sponge. Look for one with the lever easily within reach without bending over. Some sponge mops have a scratchy strip on the edge of the sponge for removing stuck-on stains, but in reality, these rarely work very well. 

String Mop

String mops are constructed with a number of thick cotton strings attached around a circular hub. This kind of mop covers the most surface area of any other mop and distributes the most water. String mops are really effective on textured floors, and you can even use them to clean the floor of your deck. Some string mops include a wringing feature. If yours doesn’t, you’ll need to invest in a wringing bucket.

All-in-One Mop

An all-in-one mop is meant to be used on any type of solid floor surface, such as tile, vinyl, and hardwood. The cleaning solution is held in a reservoir on the handle, and there is a pump action nozzle that shoots out the solution when you press a lever on the handle. These mops are best for light cleanup since the head is usually flat and lightweight.

When mopping, always use a cleaning solution that is appropriate for the floor material. Use a firm, back-and-forth motions, and never leave standing water on the floor when you are finished. Always dry the floor immediately afterward. Finally, hang the mop with the head down when not in use, so it dries thoroughly. To clean your mop head, soak in a light water and bleach solution overnight. 

Whichever style of mop you prefer, you’ll love using it in your apartments in Edgewater. To view available floor plans, please contact us today!

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