How to Maximize Your Apartment’s Layout

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living roomMaking the most out of your Edgewater apartment’s layout depends on your goals for the space. Do you want to set aside a larger area for entertaining? Or, are you the creative type who desires a studio area to work? Before furnishing and decorating your apartment, take the time to define how you plan to utilize each area. Then, you are ready to decide on how to design each room to maximize the space.

Open Spaces

An open layout is intended to maximize flow within an apartment. Clutter is minimized as a way to leave plenty of floor space for entertaining. Furniture will be set directly against walls and have a minimalist style. Furniture pieces selected can also double as storage solutions. For instance, a trunk in the living room can function as both a table to hold drinks and a place to stow away games, DVDs or blankets. Beds with built-in drawers create an easy storage solution without taking up space. Also, purchasing select foldable furniture pieces gives the flexibility to provide more seating in a pinch without cluttering rooms.

Create Private and Public Areas

Get creative with furniture and décor items to create separation between rooms that are intended for entertaining and rooms that act as your private sanctuary. For instance, you can float a sofa in the center of a room to divide the room into part living room/part office. Bookshelves and large indoor plants can also achieve the same result.

Choose Complementary Décor

To maximize any type of apartment layout, choose décor that visually enhances the size of the space. For instance, full-size furniture is always preferred over compact pieces since undersized furniture can actually make any room appear smaller. Floating tables and exposed leg furniture pieces help you avoid cluttering any room within the apartment. For the apartment walls, hang photographs and artwork at eye level to make ceilings appear taller. Mirrors hung on the walls also make rooms look larger.

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