Essential Supplies For a Home Office

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deskIf you’re one of the many people making the transition to working from home in the apartments in Edgewater, you’ll need to set up a home office. The success of your work-from-home situation will largely depend on your ability to complete your job requirements as well from your home office as you did from your regular office. Here is the essential equipment for a smooth-running home office.


The standard copier is still an integral part of any business operation. You’ll have need of a copier for tasks like making quick copies of material for visiting clients, scanning information from print newspapers and magazines, and photocopying documents like bills and receipts for submission with your business tax return. Look for a copier within your budget that will handle your anticipated workload. Many copiers offer extras such as stapling and collating, which you might find useful if you routinely put together booklets such as shareholder or investor reports.


You’ll need to have some kind of printer for your home office. The printer will enable you to make hard copies of documents from your PC or laptop. For the home office, there are several desktop printer options to choose from. One of the biggest differences between desktop models is the speed of printing, which is specified as pages per minute. When you purchase a printer, consider the price of the replacement ink cartridges. Some ink cartridges can be quite expensive, while others are more reasonable. Also, remember that if you get a color printer, you’ll have more printing options, but you’ll likely end up buying more ink cartridges than if you opted for a black ink printer. 


Even though you likely already have a cell phone, you should have a separate business telephone for your home office. Not only should you have your own phone extension in your home office, but you should have a separate telephone number and line. If you expect customer phone calls from around the country, you could even opt for an 800 or 888 telephone number, which would be toll-free for your callers. 

Once you have these basics for your home office, you’ll be up and running in no time. The convenience of these home office essentials will help make working at home even more enjoyable. To see available floor plans that are perfect for a home office, please contact us today!

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