How to Stock Your Kitchen at a Foreign Market

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Are you ready to add hearty, nutritional foods and flavor-packed ingredients to your kitchen? Your town's local foreign markets are a treasure trove of tasty and inexpensive treats. Some of these stores are tightly focused, such as Russian or Chinese markets. Others carry cuisines from around the world. Here are a few kitchen staples to look out for while shopping in an international market:

Fruits and Vegetables

From taro root to ugli fruit to kumquats, your local foreign market may have produce you've never seen before. Some of this will be very inexpensive compared to the prices at other food stores. These vitamin-packed staples also challenge you to stretch your culinary horizons.

Soy Sauce

General food stores will stock one or two different kinds of soy sauce. An international market might have one or two hundred varieties. You can find something to tease any palate, from wasabi flavors to varieties infused with mushroom powder or refreshing ginger.


This sesame seed paste is a surprisingly versatile ingredient. It elevates the flavor of everything from savory dishes to desserts. Best of all, a little goes a long way. The rest of the block will last in your fridge for quite a while.


Many international markets have a wall lined with containers of olives in vinegar or brine. You can scoop and bag samples and come back for more of what you like best. These olives are nothing like the sharp, rubbery varieties you find in other stores. They're typically preserved with pits in, sometimes in herb-infused liquid, and the flesh melts like butter in your mouth.


Tired of the same old pasta? Foreign markets carry a wide range of different kinds of noodles. Some fun changes of pace include glass noodles, soba, thiu noodles, and black rice noodles. These are sold dry, so they'll last in the pantry for months.

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