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At night, you sometimes want to cozy up under a duvet or throw blanket on a chair, sofa or chaise lounge. Since you never know who's dropping by, make sure your favorite cuddling accent meets the style standards of New Jersey apartments.

Drape or Fold With Style

Throw blankets give a room flair and can even break up the structured lines of modern styles. Choose throws that suit the size of your sofa. Large sectionals work well with bigger blankets, for instance. By contrast, for an attractive look with an armchair or sofa, a smaller cover is easier to style. When you drape a throw, it helps keep the sofa organized without having to stow your blanket away when company comes over.  

4 Ways to Fold Your Throw Blanket

Here are four ways to fold your blanket fashionably on furniture:

  • Fold your cover into thirds to maintain its shape without taking up excessive space. When folded compactly in thirds, a throw blanket can remain even with several people on the sofa. To accomplish this style, hold the throw lengthwise and simply bring each end into the center to form three sections. Drape the blanket like this, or, for longer blankets, you can fold it in half to keep it off the ground. It looks great on the back of a sofa, draped down a cushion or arm.
  • Create a purposely rumpled look with throws, such as cable-knit or flannel blankets, that look better that way. Fold the cover in half then give it a twist or two before artfully draping it over a sofa or armchair. Not everyone can pull this off right away, so put in some practice.
  • Quarter your throw for casual grace. For a medium or smaller cover, fold it in half and then it in half again to form a quarter-sized area to display. Drape it directly on the arm of your couch or loveseat. Finish the look by placing a throw pillow on that end.
  • For a flouncy, inviting look, simply place an unfolded blanket on the furniture so it looks comfy. 

Blanket Baskets

If you have more than one blanket or need your throw out of the way for special gatherings, invest in an attractive blanket basket that matches your decor.

Draping your throws gives apartments in Edgewater, New Jersey flair without giving up convenience or spoiling your style theme. For more information on available apartments and floor plans, give our office a call today.


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