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Residents of our Edgewater apartments can enjoy throwing fun parties, in part because of access to spacious floor plans and excellent amenities. The key to a great party in your apartment is ample preparation, so follow these tips prior to Memorial Day:

Limit your guest list. Too many guests could create a disturbance for your neighbors, not to mention, cramped quarters. Limit your festivities to a dozen close friends or fewer. It’ll be easier to prepare, and the clean-up will be far faster.
Utilize balconies. If your apartment home has a balcony, invite guests there to make the most of the sunny weather. This is a nice option for smaller gatherings, as only so many guests can hang out on the balcony at once. Otherwise, the balcony is a great place for a handful of attendees to break off and enjoy a private conversation.
Find oven or crock pot barbecue recipes. You can make excellent BBQ dishes with your slow cooker or in the oven. In addition, George Foreman grills are great for preparing delicious brats and hot dogs.
Plan ahead for amenity usage. Depending on the size of your party, it may be necessary to reserve certain locations. Otherwise, you may need to think of a time when those features won’t be busy.
Use the apartment as a starting point. Our conveniently-located apartments is a great place to kick off bar crawls and other fun, non-traditional Memorial Day activities. Pre-game at your apartment with a few drinks and appetizers before taking the party to another location. Your guests will enjoy switching up the scenery and you’ll have less to clean up after the fun is over.
Ready to throw an unforgettable Memorial Day bash? If you make the most of your apartment’s layout and amenities, you and your guests will have a great time. Plan your guest list carefully to ensure that all attendees are given the care and attention they deserve.

Infinity in Edgewater, NJ boasts several excellent amenities, including a resident’s lounge with WiFi and landscaped Infinity gardens with a gazebo. Contact us today to learn more.

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