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Each year, Americans take a special day to think about the earth around them, and the impact their actions have on the environment. In honor of that special day, make a promise to the planet to step out of your Edgewater apartment this April 22 and make a difference for Earth Day. Whether you take action at home or head for a local event like Secaucus Mill Creek Marsh Earth Day Cleanup, you’ll be making a change for the better.

To get you excited for this important holiday, here are a few fun facts about the most eco-friendly holiday on the calendar:

There have been 47 annual Earth Days since the holiday was first celebrated in 1970. That means that 1,128 hours have been collectively spent helping the earth through conservation, recycling, cleanup, and other Earth Day efforts!
While Earth Day started in the United States, two decades later it would turn into a worldwide celebration, and get an official name change to Mother Earth Day by the UN. Despite this change, it’s still typically referred to under its original name in the U.S.
Each year, Earth Day is recognized and celebrated by more than one billion people—that’s a lot of conservation awareness and power!
Then-senator Gaylord Nelson conceived of and implemented the very first Earth Day after seeing the destruction caused by an oil spill. Twenty-five years later, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then-president Bill Clinton for his efforts.
On April 22, 2010, the Earth Day Network, an eco-awareness group, pledged to plant one billion trees to honor the planet. It only took them two years to realize this goal, and they celebrated success on Earth Day 2012.
While performing “green” actions on Earth Day is an excellent way to celebrate this holiday, don’t forget about the other 364 days of the year as well. Make sure your Edgewater, NJ apartment has a recycling bin, pledge to reduce waste whenever possible, and remember the impact your actions have on the planet. Your responsibility will be leaving a cleaner, greener world for future generations to enjoy.

Want to start your planet-saving efforts at home? Our Edgewater apartment community is within 2 miles of two ferry landings for an easy ferry commute to reduce your carbon footprint—call us today to find out more!

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